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The Ventura is the Elvis watch, the one he wore in the movie "Under the Blue Sky of Hawaii" in 1961. It's also and above all the first electric watch battery powered in the world, born during america Rock'n'Roll in 1957.
It embodies the vintage charm of the old times, recalling the old Cadillacchrome. Its totally avant-garde and atypical design perfectly embodies the Hamilton spirit
But the Ventura is also the Men in Black watch! the essential accessory that completes the black suit and accompanies them since the first part in 1997 with the neurolaser and black glasses.
It is presented here in its quartz version to be as close as possible to the historical model of 1957

Ventura Quartz "Men in Black" H24411732

SKU: H24411732
  • 32,3mm x 50,3mm

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